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*** 4/20/18 ***

So for the time being thinking about adding user comments in lieu of reviews, how this would work is we would make a member only area for part of the site, the only way we could have any validity to them would be to include your review site handles in the comments so should another member wish to contact you via PM through said review site they can, these are only comments for the ladies in our lineup.

What do you guys think, email me to either gmail or proton mail and well try to figure something out

*** 4/18/18***
For those of you that have subscribe allready in the next couple of days you will be getting a confirmation email, we needed to shore up a few things
all new subscribers please sign up here

Mail List
Thank you
*** 4/11/18 ***
we do not anticipate shutting down our site if something should occur keep in mind

and you will get redircted

*** 4/9/18 ***
We will start sending out mailers this week.

For any of you having difficulty accessing certain sites a VPN will come in handy, like anything else avoid free VPNs you get what you pay for (dont forget you can use prepaid cards for most services, if you can't its not the right service) , so for certain countries that block sites you can use your VPN to connect through lets say England you then would have no problem accessing sites that your country is blocking.

In light of recent develpomenst we will be bringing back the mailing list, if you wish to subscribe to the list please use this email

In the subject please put mailing list,
remember my secure email is only as good as yours and that includes your password, min 20 characters is really suggested for your privacy, additionaly download and use the TOR browser along with a VPN
Any questions feel free to contact



Have been experiencing some trouble with texts it seems to be happening when you are using a text app, if you need a more secure app to use let me know.
If you have arrived and few minutes gone by without hearing from me please call that means you are not receiving my texts.